Directors message

"In today’s modest arena, it is extremely significant to see how students are being groomed and competent in education to be comprehensive citizens one day. School children of today are undergoing a remarkable amount of educational pressure and losing Childhood activities. Our complex education system and course curriculum become huge, examinations have become more maximum percentage oriented and the additional weightage of school leading student life in different ways. In such situations the children are resorting to taking extreme steps hence we need to think urgently to MAKE OVER the education system in a different style."

Parents and educators need to come out from a fixed mindset who always runs behind the mark and percentage achievement, and think that these metrics are the only basis to judge the future and talent of a child. LearnSikhiOnline provides a modular structure to groom students in zero stress environments and educate them for great success in a great style of study.

Carrier opportunities to the interested Teachers in LSO via our site.
LSO is for Any Age, Any Time Zone, Any Day, Anywhere in worldwide, Any Teacher, Any Subject, Any Instrument.

- Jatinder Singh
Director, Learnsikhionline
United Kingdom

At LearnSikhiOnline, we have begun introducing several reforms to make learning, STUDENT FRIENDLY. We provide our children with umpteen numbers of opportunities to excel and prove themselves. Every child is a lamp which can radiate the planet with its luminosity and enlighten humankind. It is the power of education that channelizes their full potential in serving humanity. Academic Excellence with good Moral and Spiritual values has always been Learsikhionline’s first priority as today’s students would shoulder the World Responsibilities tomorrow. Your co-operation will help us to expedite our mission."

We look forward to your continued support. We have “Miles to go before we sleep. God Bless.

- Smita Karn
Director, Learnsikhionline